Freshinbox lets you respond, act and collaboarte on the email cards. This article help you understand the various Email cards actions/ shortcuts you can perform.

Updating Card Properties

From Inside an email read and reply screen

  1. Expand the Freshinbox properties pane by click on the icon show below.
  2. Change the assigned properties e.g. The board name, The stage this email belongs to or anyother custom stages you have created.
  3. Use the Notes session to fill your team with context or collabroate with peer or even @mention them to bring them more participative to the conversation. 
  4. Click on "Update" button.

From the kanban view

  • Every email card in the kanban view has the little shortcuts icons to its right bottom. You can use them to update the email card properties, without having to open the email. This holds good to even access the "Notes" section to collaborate with other team members.
  • If you simply want to update the Stage property of an email card say from "To-do" to "In-Progress", feel free to drag and drop the email card to the respective stage.

There are some additional shortcut actions listed under the "more" icon which is to the right top corner of the email cards.

  • You can choose to Pin a card to the top of the stage at all time or Unpin them, based on the need.
  • In addition, you can also Delete an email card from the board. Remember this action will move the email back to the Inbox folder.